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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 9:57pm
Current mood: busy
Music: ..b0neR'sz miiX..
Subject: . 5 dayyz -- TiLL SUMMER! .
5 dayysz nd i aiint even that excitedD. newh0, i'm n0t relle iin that much tr0uble cuz 0f last sunDayy but wutever. chAz nd eRin are gunna g0 0ut .. he'sz gunna ask her 0ut .. i'm lyke 110% sure! l0l, juss benn w0rkiin. i t00k next weDnesdayy 0ff fr0m w0rk t0 g0 t0 the beach wit LiTa, kaTie, nd jeNny .. gunna be funn. Thisz weekendD will be super funn. fRidayy, aLex aBauL'z partyy nd t0weRsz wit jeNny. satuRdayy, g0iin t0 weSt paLm wit jeNny. satuRdayy niite, eRin's m0m's h0use .. cuz she livesz riight by chAz nd phiL. s0o me nd eRin are chyllen wit them. sunDayy, me nd eRin are gunna tan nd sunDayy niite .. SHREK 2 wit CEFALi!! l0l, cant waiit. g00d stuff. sch00l is bec0miin fuckiin DRAMA w0rldD. Pe0ple relle needD t0 st0p talkiin s0o much shyt! Nd i saw an EDDY twiin after w0rk t0dayy .. nd he gave me hiis number .. cept i missedD the last 2 numbersz s0o i cant call hiim n0w .. but DEF a h0ttiie .. l0l, i keep thiinkiin b0ut hiim .. Nuthiin else relle .. 0h yea, i have a LiVEJ0URNAL t00 cuz eRin has 0ne .. but i'm n0t guna wriite in it a l0t.

MiNE --

ERiN --

Iighty, DEF tiredD as fuck s0o i'm 0ut. I get payyedD t0m0rr0w. w00t! Nd Rey Pedraza .. such a h0ttiie .. l0l, h0ttest guyy at my j0b .. nd sweetest t00. g0tta l0ve hiim! <33 (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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