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approachingautumn (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2004 at 12:10am
This saving up my money and moving out of state thing just keeps sounding better and better.

It's mainly whenever I read all of the local journals on Woohu that I start getting super pissed off.

She's supposed to call tomorrow I think. Though it was never official, all I ever heard was she'd call 'later'. Not looking forward to that. I hope all goes well though and she says 'blah blah I don't like you like that. blah blah. we're cool as friends. blah blah.' And then we'll go on and never talk to each other just like before that was supposedly so perfect.

But it'd suck if she was willing to give things a whirl because I wouldn't be able to back out now.. and then what if it lasted for like 6 months? Then I guess I just keep saving up my money and get ready to move as soon as she breaks up with me.. heh.
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