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emo414 (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2004 at 10:29am
Current mood: confused
Music: Hoodastank - Disappear
Subject: Cops and Robbers
so this morning my mom came up the stairs at ten to wake me up for a family discussion. i went downstairs and on my way to the bathroom i saw my brother with a white shirt and tie and all dressed up for something. so when i came out of the bathroom i went to the table and asked my mom where they were going and she said to the courthouse. last night ur brother and ali and josh and skyler broke into the house on the hill and stole artwork. and that they are being charged with breaking and entering private property and stealing. then brad had to tell his story. see they leftthe house wearing all black and said that they were going to go play night time capture the flag down at a guys named cams house but instead they went to the abandoned house. so they walked around for about thirty nimutes with their flashlights and looking at all these newspaper articcles that were everywhere. then on their way out they had decided to take something for a kind of souvenier. see thats the one thing i didnt understand from his story. the house is at the entrance to our neightborhood practically so u see it everytime u come home..... why would u need an item to remember somethin thats not going anywhere. i think that was so stupid because even if they did get caught.... they wouldnt be in as much trouble because they would have said it was abandoned and didnt know anyone owned it and it really wouldnt be that big of deal. so now they are at the court house waiting for a court date. hopefully all four of their futures arent ruined because they all had a good one i can tell u that much. it sux though...... my mom was crying and my dad was trying no to care i hink........ i dont even want to know what ali's parents said cause they prolly freaked out. hopefully ali will be allowed over here again lol but i guess now we will just have to see what happens. bye for now.
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