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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 6-4-2004 at 5:04pm
Current mood: poetic
Music: The Reason - Hoobastank
Subject: A Deeply Needed Thanks
Ecstasy P u nk: it's called...A Deeply Needed Thanks
Ecstasy P u nk: i have all these irrational fears
and ive shed so many tears
but you know all the cures
you can heal my burning seers

i know that i have hurt you
and that you dont want me to be blue
oh, you're so true
and i love my boo

so things will be good
cos that's how they should
it's all because you knew i could
and i thank you
Ecstasy P u nk: that's all..
NYJetsFan4Life28: its good
Ecstasy P u nk: it's a like 5 min poem...but thanks
NYJetsFan4Life28: wow
NYJetsFan4Life28: only 5 minutes?
Ecstasy P u nk: yeah
NYJetsFan4Life28: nice
Ecstasy P u nk: lots of heat-felt emotion in it..that makes it easier

more poems to come.
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