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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2004 at 1:45am
Current mood: tired
Music: Billy Idol: Sleeping with an angel
Subject: Bah!!
Well its now almost 2am and I am still up. What a sorry loser am I! Oh well I cant sleep so I figured Id do some typing.

Went to see Harry Potter today with Jessica. Lots of fun. Oh and thats ok about giving me a heart attack, lets just not do it all the time. Dont hesitate to give me another if you have too ;)

Lunch was tasty, but we are such losers. We cannot even decide on a restaurant. We went to Fridays simply beause it was friday. Oh well still good food, except our waiter was kinda annoying. Then we had to wait a MILLION years in the sub arctic temperatures for our stupid check because the power went out and the computers went crazy. This is when we went to the movies to see Harry Potter. We opted to go to the later movie so we could be the first ones in the theater. Do not mock us and out patheticness, we got the best damn seats in the house. Take that!! The movie would have been awesome if I didnt know any better. If I hadnt read the book I would have been soooo lost. I loved the movie, but they butchered it. They cut out so many important parts. I cannot believe how much they didnt explain. So advice to all you movie-goers, read the damn books and stop being lazy. The movies are not accurate.

Got home, ate some pizza and started reading Harry Potter 5 again. I forgot a lot of the book so its like I am reading it for the first time. I already read a good chunck of the book. I dont know how long I was sitting there reading that book, but I always do that when I get into a good book...

Ok, so I have been thinking about college and stuff and about what I am going to do. I want to join some club or organization. Me and Hillary are seriously thinking about joining the fencing team.It sounds like a lot of fun and also, WHO DOES THAT?! I mean how cool would that be. And a great pick up line. I could be like "Hey, I fence." Guys would be all over that. LOL maybe not...I just wanted to do something different. My mom suggests keeping up with dance but I am hesitent. I have been dancing for 14 years. I wanna try something new. We looked up synchronized swimming, but they are too serious and practice like everyday. Plus, I would have to wear a bathing suit. Bad idea. Maybe I will go out for the school paper or something. That would be fun. I love to write. And typing is fun.

I am determined to take Japanese in college. It sounds like so much fun. Hillary told me that her cousin took it in college and liked it. I could so see myself doing it. My mom said it suits me. How fucking awesome would it be to speak Japanese?! I could actually watch some of my anime without subtitles! I can already say some basic things like good morning (ohayou) and sorry (gomen). Here are some other cool things I can say.

Ohayou gazaimasu. Watashi wa Michelle desu. Daijobu ka? (Good morning. My name is Michelle. Are you alright?)

Haha how are those skills? I am sooo gonna speak and write Japanese. And you all are going to be jealous ;)

I cant wait to find out where I am going to be living this coming year. I am especially curious as to WHO I will be living with. But they dont tell you any of this until like 2 weeks before you come. What a drag. I dont really want to go to Preview either. They split you up from you parents and friends and they you have to get to know you group. Hillary told me that you play a whole bunch of ice breakers to get to know people. I HATE getting to know people. I am perfectly happy being an anti social pathetic drain on society (lol jessica you are going to get many more phone calls with me being a loser outside...) Bah! I am going to be so embarassed and flustered the whole time. I get all stupid around people I dont know. This is going to be just peachy.

Its already 2:18am. Why am I still up you may ask? Well no you may not ask! Just playing, I am very cranky when I am tired. I cant sleep. Hmm, maybe I will watch a movie. That reminds me. We HAVE to have our movie night Jessica. I want to watch Donnie Darko and Lost in Translation. Those are kick ass movies. Cant forget Chicken Run either. (But I dont want to be a pie!) Haha I make myself laugh. This is so sad. How long is this freaking entry anyways? Have I said anything of importance? Geez, I hope no one is wasting their time reading this filth. Seriously I cant believe I am still typing. Ok I am done babling. Dont know what I am going to do tomorrow, but I am going to try and get some sleep. Who know, maybe I will get lucky...
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