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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2004 at 6:41pm
Current mood: crappy
I <3 Hobbits!!

Just wanted to give a quick update!!

I've been out doing all sorts of things this past week.

Tuesday after trivia Sam and I drove all the way to South Carolina just for the hell of it. We found trucker heaven. There was a topless bar, where truckers get a discount, a KFC, and a place to wash your truck. We had so much fun that we think we might take a few days off for me him and Melissa to just drive up to Maine and visit Becky and Casey. That woudl be so super cool. Road trips are so much fun.

Last night I went to see the third Harry Potter movie which kicked major ass, ever if they did leave a lot out. Melissa and I stayed the night at Amber's and had a super fun girl's night. Today we went to this art gallery and I met more of Melissa's friends. We all ate lunch and they were super nice.

I'm at Melissa's place right now. I think later on we're gonna head out with Amber again.

I'm on such a LOTR fix right now. I got the third one and I'm just like *drool for hobbits* all over the place. Everyone should know and love LOTR. I want a "Frodo Lives" shirt. I would be the coolest girl in the world if I had one...


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