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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2004 at 12:57am
Current mood: optimistic
Goodbyes are never easy..and that sucks..
Well lets see here..these last two days were really boring. Everyone had to work all day. So i decided to just stay home n do nuffin both days. =)

I started a new workout routine and so far ive stuck to it. But its only been 2 DaYz lol but still. Im hopin i can loss sum of mah fat ass. but who knows. I need to diet too. I hate how big ive gotten over the past 2 or so years i jus wish i could be skinny again.. ='( oh wells. Life goes on right..?

Workout Routine

20 min endurance run on treadmill
[thats 1.15 miles, 4.*sumpthin* laps]
20 crunches
water break [ lol =) ]
20 more cruches
20 mountian climbers
12 squat thrusts

its just a start, but should
help me fat ass a bit rite? lol

But neways. Urgh i aint got nothing planned for this whole week.. If anyone wants to do something then let me know, cuhz im already bored lol. So brittany Malissa Gloria Chad Becky Mike James or tiffany GET AT MEH!! lol. =)

Whew, not to be selfish but im glad Malissa didnt go to tennesse Cuz then i couldnt see mah lil babii forever!! Ick that would be HORRIBLE!! lol. But babes, i luhv you tons!! Thanks for being there for meh.

Well tahts it for today. I'll write more another time. Latah every1. =)

Ohh yeah ive gotta go to court sumtime for my sis n nicole now. Either that or they are going to go to jail for like 6 months for mah aunt FUCKING LIEING!! Urgh, i dont kno wat im going to do..oh wells.
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