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sportsgirl (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2004 at 9:56pm
Current mood: bored
Subject: take this for me
Hey all fill this out for me. Thanks
Luv ya'll

1. Am I cute?
2. Am I hot?
3. Am I sweet?
4. Am I crazy?
5. Am I lovable?
6. Am I funny?
7. Am I annoying?
8. Am I psycho?
9. Am I daring?
10. Am I a good person?

Would You...
11. Hug me?
12. Miss me if I was gone?
13. Listen to my problems?
14. Hug me if I cried?
15. Be a good friend?
16. Ever go out with me?
17. If you already have would you do it again?
18. Kiss me?
19. Marry me if you could?
20. Ever talk bad about me if we ever broke up?

21. what would you do if i died right now?

How Well Do You Know Me?
21. When's my birthday?
22. How old am I?
23. What school do I go to?
24. Do I have any siblings (& their names)?
25. Who is my most current ex?
26. Who is my best friend?
27. Who am I crushing on/dating?
28. Favorite animal?
29. Favorite sport?
30. Favorite TV show?
31. Favorite song/songs?
32. Favorite music group?

Who Am I?
33. What T.V. star do I most remind you of?
34. What song would you dedicate to me?
35. What famous person do I most resemble?

If You Could...
36. Give me a new name, what would it be and why?
37. Hook me up with someone (real), who would it be and why?
38. If you could do one thing with me what would it be and why?
39. Drop me one piece of advice, what would it be?

Few More Questions
40. What do you love about me?
41. What do you hate about me?
42. What is my best quality?
43. If you could change one thing about me what would it be?
44. What is your honest opinion of me?
45. Do you love me?
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