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jennabear (profile) wrote,
on 6-8-2004 at 2:18pm
Music: Beastie boys.....I can't get enough!!!!!
Subject: do do do do do dooo GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS...
So....Chris and I had that little fight....definately stupid, but I'm glad we're both into each other enough to just forget the whole frickin' thing.

Saturday was awesome. Molly is my hero, let me leave work at nine, went home, got ready for a HALF HOUR, go me, went to Adam's, hung out with Chris, Adam and Rene, we made pizzas and strawberry daqari's and other frozen was so much fun. Later Mike and CJ came, I have to say, they're fun people. I'm glad that I like his (well his oakfield friends, as I've never met his amherst friends) friends, cuz that makes things a lot easier.

Yeah, CJ and Mike made me feel like one of "them" and like they'd known me forever...
it was was fun..


I'm going up to Chris' Amherst house Saturday, maybe spending the night, I don't'll be fun though. Chris always plans little things that just turn out to be so amazing...I'm really going to miss this when I'm in Oswego, cuz it's going to be very hard for anyone to make me feel the way Chris does..without even trying, it seems.
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