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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 6-8-2004 at 4:27pm
Current mood: relaxed
Music: VH1
Hey people whats going on! Lets see well I got home from Mandy's place yesterday, I went over there on Friday and spent the weekend there. Friday when I got there me and her just kinda hung out and shit and we went to the AIRPORT and got her Aunt, Amanda and I were quite excited cuze we like going to the airport haha. Then Saturday was her mom's birthday party so all morning me and her busted our asses and helped clean and shit and then Randi came over and we hung out and waited for the people to start showing up...there were a lot of people I think like around 50? Ya so us 3 hung out and shit it was pretty fun, we finally went to bed or at least I did at like 10, I was hella tired. Then Sunday morning we all woke up and Randi went home and me and Amanda did a bunch of errands with her mom but before that we went to Arizona Mills, which was kinda cool cuze I haven't been there in YEARS. Then we took her Aunt back to the airport and had to go pick up someone else. Then me and Amanda and her mom went to go see Harry Potter lol, it was actually a really good movie! Then we went back home and ate a lot and watched movies and went to bed. On Monday, her dad dropped us off at Scottsdale Fashion Square which KICKED ASS cuze I had never been there before, it was a lota fun I like that mall a lot....ya then her dad picked us up and brought me ya it was a very very busy weekend but I had a lota fun, I hardly ever get to see Amanda cuze she moved to Mesa so it was nice to just hang out with her for the weekend. This week is gonna be kinda boring...I'm gonna be working out some more and tanning...kinda boring but oh well it'll be worth it in a few months. Ew I am watching VH1 and its "Rock Bodies" and Usher is on...I HATE USHER...hes a fag. Ok well ya I'm done for now, not much more to say.
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