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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-8-2004 at 4:55pm
First best friend: anna foley
First Job: havnt had 1 yett
First screen name: sunshine sumthin
First self purchased album: dont kn0w
First pets: Tasha muh pup
First piercing/tattoo: ear 4 yrz 0ld
First true love: =] Every1 kn0wz this 0ne
First enemy: codie
First big trip: dk
First play/musical/performance: 5th grade
Last cigarette: hate cigarettes
Last big car ride: lyk 2 weekz ag0 t0 Michigann
Last kiss: nick -- last time i saw him 2 thursdays ag0
Last good cry: that time after sunsplash =/
Last library book checked out: um it was called Last summer -- lol jay
Last movie seen: Monster
Last beverage drank: pepzi =]
Last food consumed: c0okie
Last crush: umm nick obviousily-- b4 that evan
Last phone call: mike
Last tv show watched: Vh1 last nite
Last time showered: yesterday
Last shoes worn: blak flip fl0pz
Last item bought: umm .. my white pantz
Last disappointment:
Last soda drank: lyk half hour ag0
Last ice cream eaten: yesterday -- sully fed me his ch0clate l0l..can i bring the br0om?
Last shirt worn: this one .. its kaelas black tank top
Last hug : Sully yesterday
Last time you told someone you loved them: brett yesterday
Last time someone told you they loved you: sully 0n myy messages =]
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