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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2004 at 9:02pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: Radio: 107.9 WIRK
Subject: Bah! and double Bah!
Oh my god, I think i had the MOST embarassing conversation with my mom today EVER. We are at the mall looking for fathers day presents and we walk by this guy standing by a car. (yes a car INSIDE the mall). As soon as we pass him shes like, "ooh I like him! Bring someone home from college like him!" I was like all embarassed but it get far worse. As we walk I tell her not to expect grandkids because I was terminally single. She gets this look in her eye and tells me that I will find him when I get to college. This is where it all goes bad, still walking in the mall mind you....

She looks at me and says, speaking of men we need to talk. I was like oh shit. She starts saying we need to have the TALK. Shes says and I quote, "We need to get you to a doctor to get, you know, the pipes checked out. And I want to get you on you know." I looked at her and was like, "MOTHER!" We are walking through Burdines and she brings up sex. I couldnt believe it. I told her I didnt want to take birth control cuz I would get fatter. She was like, which kinda fat do you wanna be? A little bigger or pregnant? I still cant believe this all happened in the mall.

On the way home she proceeds to tell me to start getting alone with my dad. He's gonna miss you ya know? she says to me. I didnt believe it. Well at least not until the heartfelt talk I had with him a few minutes ago. I went in my parents room to get a razor, had to shave the beastly legs ya know. He was in there and busts out with why do I have to go so far to college. Ugh. I did not want to have this conversation. But I was nice. I was so proud of myself. I had a civil conversation with my father without either of us raising our voices. Go me!! I dont feel like writing down what happened. I want to go watch my movie. Everyone should see BIG FISH. This will be time number 3 for me. Ok bye now...
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