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Serenity (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 5:40pm
Subject: 8/25/03 - 10/24/03
"Dont mention food, I get excited." - Fournier

"You can't eat your dissections." - Fournier

"But that's that warm fuzzy explosion." - Fournier

"Quizypoo." - Fournier

"No, we met at church, it's not a big dirty story, sorry." - Mrs. Olsen

"You just wanna kiss 'em when they say lellow!" - Mrs. Olsen

"I'm poor. I'm poorer than you are!" - Jake Mellema

"I'm gonna make corn ciggarettes." - Jessica Nichols

"Chicken in a box." - Jessica Nichols

"You said I could die!" - Ron Wheaton

"That teacher's a crazy bitch." - Courtney Rae

"Okay, mateys." - Fournier

"Tyler, get off of it, you homo." - Nick Steimal

"There's not much we can do with our rear ends, so we use our hands." - Crowley

"Where's my flyin' monkey?" - Crowley

"You have to do it right, you maroons." - Crowley

*giggles* "Silly monkey." - Jake Mellema

"Mr. Reed's hot!" - Jake Mellema

"My mom makes hamburgers or whatever and I drink the grease outta the pan." - Courtney Rae

"Who sits under a tree in their underwear, fanning themselves?" - Emily Rowe

"I hope I have an armpit disease." - Stephanie Lewis

"I'm gonna grab your boob by the end of the day." - Emily Rowe

"In the commercials it says no clumps." - KATE

"What are you doing, Lunch Bucket?" - Justin BeVier

"Are you making a gum wrapper joint?" - KATE
*Stephanie nods head*

*Stephanie chews on Ashley's hair*
"Did you just bite my hair?" - Ashley
"No..." - Stephanie
"You freak." - Ashley

"lose your virginity on the seat." - Girl 1 on bus

"No I'm not gonna touch it, it smells too bad!" - Girl 2 on bus

"Holy crap, Cedar Point over walking around in your underpants." - Emily Rowe

"I have cancer, can I have some marijuana, as long as it's prescription?" - Stephanie Lewis

"Kate, you're a rubber band." - Stephanie

(Reference for this next one: Tyler is tall.)
"Tyler, is anyone in your family tall?" - Mrs. Olsen
"No." - Tyler Emmorey
"What about relatives?" - Olsen
"No." - Tyler
"What about your milkman?" - Olsen

"I feel like crap, make your own dinner." - Ron Wheaton

"Did you die?" - Ron Wheaton

"I felt supremely confident now with a knife in my hand." - Mrs. Olsen

"I bet I could fit more stuff in my mouth than you." - Girl on bus

"You don't even know what I do with my mouth!" - Girl on bus

"A skanky hoebag just came up to my door." - Joe Castine

"My hand smells soo good." - Ron Wheaton
"Why?" - Amanda Wheelock
"Because of Cherie." - Ron Wheaton

"Menopause. MenOpause. Men-oh here it is." - Neilee Metzger

"Look dude, you won. You got the magic piece." - Emily Rowe

"I hope it penetrates your rib tissues." - Stephanie Lewis

"Is that guy holdin' his nuts?" - Stephanie

"Ohhhh, I have a craving for some bread? *shakes head* Not gonna happen." - Ron Wheaton

"I'm tired of everyone eatin' fish." - Tyler Metzger

"He's got those kinds of eyes that just say, 'I'm gonna put fish in your hair." - Crowley

"There were so many bitches in the sentence." - Courtney Rae

"What the hell's a woopellet?" - KATE

"I can see little things shootin' from the sky." - Courtney Rae

"Kate, you're a beast." - Stephanie Lewis

"I love loose paper." - Neilee Metzger

"Oh my gosh, he said the C word." - Mrs. Olsen
"What's the C word?" - Amanda Bigney
*whispers into microphone* "condom." - Mrs. Olsen

"Who would want a song about a transvestite?" - Mrs. Olsen

"...walking past a field of burning marijuana." - Mrs. Olsen

"What's another word for non-productive?" - Zach Ebenstein
"Hippie." - Ron Wheaton

"Who needs pot when we can give ya a little buzz?" - Olsen

"The Toilet Police are gonna come out and get me." - Mr. Sabinas

"Everyone likes to be picked up. Except Stacy, I was holding her upside down earlier. She didn't like that for some reason." - Mitch Armstrong

"Wouldn't it be funny if one day you woke up and looked like Joe and he woke up and looked like you and you guys were still dating?" - Courtney Rae

"Una Tuna, what are you doing?" - Courtney Rae

"I have a 2/5 of Jack Daniel's, I'm just gonna chill there all morning." - Emily Rowe

"Am I your best friend?" - Emily
"I dunno, are you named after an alcohol?" - Courtney

"She ran into the wall, that's the only reason she stopped running." - Neilee Metzger

"I heard in some cultures, they kiss by putting their foreheads together." - Mitch Armstrong

"He sure does flail a lot, doesn't he?" - KATE

"Look at him grope those balls." - Stephanie Lewis

"Tell him to lick your ass." - Brad Blair

"All hail cheesus." - Jay Ruster

"I'm gonna fuck Justin in the ass." - Jay Ruster

"MxPx that, ya piece o' shit." - Jay

"I was like, 'that guy's got a beard!' so I shot him." - Jay

"I only have one piece of ass." - Girl in BMMT

"I have two pencils at the same time." - Ron Wheaton

"Drugs." - Amanda Bigney
"I could use some today, but I took Ibuprofen instead." - Mrs. Olsen

"What a little smelly mooole." - Amanda Bigney
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