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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 10:55pm
Current mood: uncomfortable
How could i live w/o you..?
Well today was, uhm shitty. mah 2 best friends gettin into a huge fight Wif meh stuck in the middle Oh well, it aint got shit to wif meh. let em argue. i aint stickin up for nobody

Brittany Marie, im soo srry for everything. I hate wat happened, and im soo sorry for not stickin up fo ryou 2 babii gurl. I really am truely sorry and i hope u can forgive meh i luhv u.

Ali jean im sorry to u 2. Im sorry that u went through all dis shit. And yeah i still luhv u more than anythin, but, its juss ur talkin shit bout britt, and dats uhm mah best friend, (one of) and u know how much she means to meh, i jus cant believe u would do dat to meh. But i still luv u and hope u dont hate meh.

And malissa babes, im really sorry for not talkin and for being a bitch and for everythin. I know im not surposed to be sorry but i still am and yeah i luv u soo much sweetheart. your the besterest. *mwuz*

<33 Jillane <33
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