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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 11:04pm
Current mood: happy :D
Music: growing on me - the darkness
Subject: i was on a happy spree tonight
tonight i had practice
i wished for rain the whole day
no rain=me at practice

we do this drill where we go against another player and try to get the ball
and i got the ball every single time it was my turn
ah, that made me feel so good, so powerful

the rest of the practice was great after that
i had felt so accomplished
and i was so focused on the game

so practice is over
my mom picks me up
the boy aka brandon aka little brother plays on the playground for a bit
we leave

have the radio blasting
windows down
brandon hollering at us to roll them up

so we are at the light to turn into our neighborhood
windows are still down (sorry brandon)
the cars song 'just what i need" came on

i was shakin my head
and drummin on the car, drummin on an invisible drumset
singin along

i was just so happy

so light is green
and this guy comin outta our neighborhood
and gives me the "you crackhead, you" look

ah! what do i care! i am way too happy to fret about that!!

so we drive by the pool
window still down
brandon still whining
'just what i need" still roaring

i stick my head out the window
and yell "HEY!" to the swimmer in the pool
she waved back
and was probably wondering who the heck was waving at her

my mom asked me, "do you know her?"
"no", i replied.

and i smiled a big happy smile

and we headed home.

andie andie oxenfree***

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