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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 11:15pm
Current mood: :)
Music: hate to say i told you so - the hives
Subject: i found this today and it made me chuckle about what a geek i am
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------walking through a deserted house humming some 80s song that was just on the radio.."there is always something there to remind me" well thats the song...right now i just feel like writing. when this writing spell comes over me i just write about nothing. if i ever become a writer im sure insomniac doctors will prescribe it to their patients cause it will be so boring that everyone will fall asleep while they are reading it. terri said that tomorrow everyone is sleeping in but i dont think that is really going to happen because her chitlins wake up at like the crack of dawn and like to play this lovely game called "Let's Wake Andrea Up." well, i hate that game. i am not tired at all...i took a nap today which is quite odd for me. so right now i feel like running around the block. or maybe it's all the sugar in the altoids tangerine sours that i have been inhaling for most of the day. anyways i am just not tired. the scariest thing happened yesterday, terri went to have her a/c checked at this one auto shop and the mechanic never closed her hood all the way. so we (terri, rachael, ryan, and i) were driving down the road going about 45 mph and all of a sudden the hood flew up. that is the second time that i have been in terri's truck and the hood flew up. there is a moth flying around in here. a couple of nights ago there was a huge moth lying around terri's back porch and terri and ryn were just standing there watching it. ew. speaking of bugs, last week when it was non-stop raining, these cricket things kept coming into the computer room where i was. well at least i think they were crickety things, they looked like a cricket but they didnt jump and their heads were huge. anyways i hate squishing bugs so i vaccumed one up. so i was in here on the computer and terri threw a piece of catfood on me and i thought it was on of those cricket-things. i screamed bloody murder and i somehow hit the thing that slides out of the computer desk that holds the keyboard and mouse and that was on the floor. terri was cracking up. it was pretty funny. well, after all this writing all of this useless information in which you probably dont want to know (overshare!). i haven't tired in the least bit. hmmm what other useless information can i write down here to bore you all? we were all in the car and rachael had a picture of the jr's '69 chevy engine. and he said something like "isnt that andrea's engine." well, something like that, i have short term memory loss, dory. ha ha ha, im just messing with you all. back to the chevy that i love. oh i love that truck. oh i want that truck. that would be so nice. oh yea, yesterday after the hood flew up and left dents in the hood, we went to the mechanic shop and there was a chevelle malibu 350. say it with me now everyone! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. hmmm what on the radio you ask? where are you going?- dave matthews band. :) thats me happy cause i like this song. nope, i'm still not tired. maybe i shoild read one of my books. i would probably fall asleep in 2 seconds flat. well i have this poem in the back of my mind but i just cant get the words but i know it's there. it's kinda like when you have the name of something but it is just on the tip of your tongue. well this poem thing is on the tip of my brain. have you ever gone through which i call poet's syndrome. well anyways poet's syndrome is when you think about how to get your thoughted to rhyme. kind of like "i want to get a slice of pizza and a coke but i only have 5 bucks so then i will be broke." its quite hard to explain. do any of you know what i am talking about or am i just sounding like a nut case over here? yay! this writing thing is starting to work. not only are my poor little fingers aching but i am actually starting to get tired. after reading this little novel, i am feeling very very tired. you see? i told you that my writing would make you all fall asleep. well it is july 2nd 2003, 1:02 AM and i am finally going to go to bed.

andie andie oxenfree***
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