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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2004 at 12:04am
Current mood: frustrated
Music: Evanescence: My Imortal
Subject: [insert thought here]
Um...ya not much new has happened. But I am bored so here I am. I got a letter today from a friend who joined the army. Its weird. I met this guy like, I dont know, like 5 years ago on the internet. He is my age and I have known him and talked to him for that long. Then he told me he was going into basic training and that he wanted to write to me. Its cute, he thinks he loves me. Ugh, I dont know what I feel about that, since I have never actually met him. He is cute though, from the pictures he has sent me of him and his family. Its nice getting letters from him. Still dont know what he was thinking when he decided to join the army. But I love getting mail and I havent had a pen pal in ages. His name is Rob by the way. Ah, whatever...

I leave in a few days for preview at UF. I hope it doesnt suck too much. I hope I get to meet some cute guys if ya know what I mean *smiles* I am getting excited. Maybe I will meet someone when I go there. My mom keeps telling me that I am bound to meet someone. And I know this is going to sound horrible but I dont mean it like it sounds. Hillary went up there and had guys attracted to her. If she can do it I am confident I can too. We are boh much the same. Neither of us extremely beautiful, but certainly not ugly. We are shy when it comes to guys, well I guess I am more so than her. We are both as inexperienced and such. So maybe something will happen and I'll meet a guy. *sigh* I can only hope...

My god, my knees have been fucking hurting. I cant stand it. I have been on the computer a lot and all the sitting is making my knees cramp up. I hate my stupid deformed knee caps. If I sit too long, they hurt. If I stand too long, they hurt. There is no pleasing them. Ugh. stupid knees, if I didnt need them I would just cut them off... Bah!
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