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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2004 at 9:07am
Current mood: hungover
Music: ..heYy n0w -->> Pp..
Subject: i wAnna get sum BUdD! .
Last niight was straight. cLipper partyy g0t b0rken upp .. fuckiin suckedD. Soo i didnt kn0w wut t0 d0 nd the c0psz were f0rciin pe0ple t0 help clean upp .. s0o i left. I was driviin h0me nd my sis calledD nd she's lyke c0me 0ver .. we g0t madD weed nd driinksz .. s0o i went 0ver there nd guess wh0 was there .. B0BBY! 0mg, i was s0o happy t0 see hiim. We g0t fuckedD upp lyke crazyy .. nd that'sz the reas0n why i'm h0me s0o early .. i never slept. It was such a g00d niight .. nd i relle neededD t0 get all this anger 0ff fr0m the last c0uple dayysz .. shyt still aint the same but eRin's j0urnal will pretty much tell y0u wut's g0iin 0n (( link is in the prev. 2 entries )). Sides that, summer startedD! g0t examsz 0utta the wayy. t00k sum pix wit niCk, chRistie, taRa, sc0tt, yaNNi!!, c0LLin, keL, jaX, madD pe0ple .. nd a special 0ne 0f me nd mr. weiner! It was g00d. Soo t0dayy i g0tta g0 t0 weSt paLm bCh nd pick upp my new straightener! t0niight, i think? i'm g0iin wit eRin nd her fam t0 the dinner thiing bef0re she leavesz .. i dunn0, it dependsz 0n if we're fightiin 0r n0t. Newh0, nuthiin relle cept i havent felt this g00d till last niight in a l0ng tiime .. is niice t0 kn0 my sis caresz. l0l, ilu s0o much. Nd w0w, has b0bby g0tten h0tter. My sis t00k sum pixx 0f hiim nd andDy, hiim nd me, s0o imma try t0 steal sum. l0l, iighty, i'm 0ut. o yea, i g0tta w0rk an 8 h0ur shift m0nDay .. this fuckiin suck ass! Heyy, m0re m0ney th0. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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