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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2004 at 1:04pm
Current mood: depressed
Brittany marie gamester i luhv u more than ive ever loved anyone ur the best friend that ive ever had i dont know wtf i would do without you plz dont leave meh, plz plz plz seirously you are mah life, NOBODY ELSE!! Your mah best friend, i dont knwo wtf to do i luhv u mroe than anything i cant live w/o you plz dont do this to meh i dont know wat to do, plz plz plz ='(

I need you in mah life, id ont give a fuck who i have to give up jus for you, i would give up anything and everyone and i will if you want plz jus dont fuckin leave meh, plz oh plz. Id be ntohing without you, plz. Omg ims orry im sooo soo srry plz plz plz dont fuckin leave meh!!!!! ='(

I take anything and everythign ive ever said bak jus plz dont fuckin leave meh britany marie gamester!!!!
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