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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2004 at 6:05pm
Current mood: lazy
Subject: Umm...
Just got back from the movies with Jessica. Well that was certainly a very funny movie. We saw Saved! which is a movie that satirizes organized religion. By far the best part of the movie is when the girl goes into labor and is lying in the ambulance. There is only room for one person. 3 guys try to get in. Heres the quote. "I'm the dad. I'm the boyfriend. I'm his boyfriend." Lol dont ask just go see the movie.

After dropping Jess off I rode by Dr B's clinic to see if they did anything. I think
I saw some walls put up, but I couldnt look too hard because I almost go into an accident when I was trying to see. I almost side swiped another car. Haha whoops. But I was still happy to see that they are getting closer to finishing the place. That means I can work there before I leave.

I need to work on my people skills. I know, I know, this is the girl that hates all people. My phrase is, if I dont know you I hate you. Lol at least my friends understand that I am a horrible people person. But this must be worked on I guess since I am going to college, and most likely my friends are going to leave me behind. I'm scared that my close friends arent going to be so close when we get to college. I think Hillary is going to find a new best friend. I am easy to replace ya know? I dont do much. All I know is, I hope they dont forget about me. Even though we are all going to the same college, I have this feeling that they are all going to meet some great new friends and I wont be able to cope. I am very stuck in my ways. I am happy with who I am friends with. *sigh* Sad little pathetic me... I think I think too much. Thats what happens when you sit on a computer in the corner of your room all day. You start to think. Thats never a good thing when it comes to me.
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