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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2004 at 8:04am
Current mood: annoyed
Music: Mtv Movie Awards on the TV
well yesterday i was arguing with my mom about something then out of no where she brought up that monica and gina looked like hoochies wetting us in jesse's front yard. I was like shut up mom you dont even know who they are and never spoken a word to them. Now thats when my jackass sister came in with her comments and she told me to shut the hell up that i was just a stupid freshman whos bearly 14. First of all i think im technically a sophomore and im going on 15 and what the hell is she doing getting in my conversation with my mom and I ? Damn i freakin hate when she does that shes such a dumbass and doesnt even know whats going on. But ne who, yesterday at that band thing i thought it was only going to last like an lasted the who evening. Well when we got there was this firefighter truck and i thought it was just to block the road....but turns out they were blasting water out of me and Lorenzo were like we went for it...then we got some other ppl to go in the water. THen we played and then they dedicated the lil pole with directions for the bus then we played some more. Then we got our free hot dogs and then we went in the rainbow of water. That thing went i got jesse, javy, lorenzo, peewee, krissy, erica, ben, lina, savannah, and some other ppl in but who didnt go in the water, i just went and gave them a hug so they were all cold haha. Dude...the water was COLD as hell haha i was like damn...then harminee called me up and said what i was doing and then i told her all that went on...and turns out she would have liked to come to the lil sorry harminee ..i didnt call you up...i screwed up lol. Then we cleaned up and we all went home. Now i think that today three parties are going , Hannah's, Geoff's, Javy' not sure which party im going to go. But i want to go to Javy's but then Geoff's is going to be im not sure right now :S. But w/e..ill decide later...
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