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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2004 at 11:22am
Current mood: relieved
Music: ..i miSs y0u -->> inCuBuS..
Subject: . n0 m0re dRama! .
Thank g0d all the drama between every0ne nd their m0m these last few daysz isz 0VER. I wasnt guna g0 0ut t0 dinner wit eRin last niight juss t0 make her madD .. but i did nd we talkedD b0ut al0tta shyt. I juss dun care b0ut phiL nem0re .. fuck hiim. chAz isz awesum as hell nd that's wut i care b0ut. After dinner, we went t0 T0WERSZ nd i saw amBer ch0pski nd i g0t t0 meet her h0tt new man. l0l, they're cute t0gether. Then we juss chylledD back at eRin's h0use nd she t0ld me i c0uld readD her j0urnal .. the 0ne 0n paper .. isz relle pers0nal nd shyt. Nd w0w, i never knew she caredD s0o much ab0ut me. It made me cry nd wen i readD the 0ne ab0ut h0w much she l00ksz upp t0 my m0m nd h0w she wishesz she c0uld be apart 0f such a great family .. it was juss such an em0tional part 0f last niight. I'm s0o happy i g0t t0 see h0w she relle felt .. it sh0wedD me she relle d0es care. Newh0 .. t0niight, i'm g0iing 0ut wit jeNny. l0l, yesterdayy we went t0 weSt paLm nd t00k A1A all the wayy back .. it t00k lyke an h0ur nd a half .. but we g0t t0 see all the h0ttiesz at the beach .. w00t! Then i talkedD t0 jaX nd she startedD cryiin cuz she miissesz me s0o we're chyllen 0n sunDayy .. ALL DAYY. l0l, nd then m0ndayy .. 8 h0ur shiift!! 0 wellsz, i'm g0ne 0utta herre. Later st0nersz. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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