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QueenWog (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2004 at 6:38pm
Current mood: pretty good
Music: La Vie Boheme-RENT
Subject: the end
Can you believe it? School is over! I am still in the "non-realization" stages where it still has not completely hit me that we don't have to go back to school until the end of AUGUST!
Finals overall went pretty well for me. I am a little worried about Bio, I probably could have studied a little more for Spanish, and I am really glad that our History final did not count... but hey, whatever! So, Thursday was my last day. Friday was way awesome, need I say why? *wink*
Singing at senior graduation was not a big deal for me. Most people were complaining about being tired and full ;), but for me it was kind of fun to be involved and sing one last time with all the cool seniors who are leaving. I kind of wish I had stayed to watch the whole thing, but I was really tired so I went home and watched Zorro. Ha!
Today I went to see my cousin get a spiffy award for excellence in undergraduate studies because she is JUST THAT SMART. She is going to work for Google. Geez, some people get all the good genes ;) Tomorrow, she graduates from Stanford and my family hosts a party for 50 people. Should be interesting.
CARMEL ON MONDAY, after Paige lesson.
And I would like to end this entry by thanking each and every one of my wonderful friends. You guys are so amazing and I appreciate you all a LOT! Thanks for being you! You rock and I love you lots!
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