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Randomperson (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2004 at 10:34pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Gundam Seed Opening
I finished a several hr project... i made a 2001: A Space Odyssey song w/ some mixware on my computer, and it's kinda cool. It inadvertantly told HAL's demise, but hey, it makes it even better. You probably should have seen the movie to understand the remix, but it's not fully necessary. Leave a comment or email me if you want to hear it.

Egg Roll House has the biggest soup bowls. WAY too much Spiced Sour Soup. Craziness.

Saw "Day After Tomorrow". A very good script to use in a class on the subject of scriptwriting: It's popcorn movie style blatantly points out so many literary devices and corniness. It was an exceptional movie, don't get me wrong. Had its cliches, had its "give me a break" moments... but it's the suspension of disbelief. And you people, stay away. If I see you I will take your flyer and light it, not because I'm a republican, I'm as moderate as moderate can be (almost to the point I'm frustrated w/ myself), but that's shit. Keep it in the Senate.

Well, I went to a few graduation parties yesterday and a the day before. Talking to Mr. Atwood and other people, and it sounds like there are going to be some improvements to the school in the, he said probably the next 16 months. Where there are leaky ceilings and stained tiles they'll probably get fixed and painted, there's a proposal for AC, Mrs. Wilson is wanting to talk to the Frauenthal guys and other places to scare up new lights (For a Tech Crew guy like me that's monumental... now if we had side bars in the aud...), some bathrooms in the school system (probably high school and St. Francis) are getting fixed), and rumor has it there's carpeting in talks. w00t!

Oh, and did you guys know Devitt's the new MS Principal? I didn't know that. Now we only need to find an elementary principal (or two).


Unrelated: I'm gonna really miss Jen... She was so wonderful, we all had great times this past year. Now, I take her place, and I have people from my class and whiny underclassmen to take care of in my section,unless G-Rob pulls a loop on me and moves me to Bass, thus making Lisa the section leader of my former Marching section. But, that'd put me in probably the sax section, with Trier (augh!!!!! Noooooooo!)... or maybe I'd be Clarinet leader but play Bass.... I don't know.

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