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thedarkerside (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2004 at 12:53am
Subject: Today and what not...
I didn't really do anything but clean such as laundry and matching socks...The bitch got into my email and started reading it..good thing I don't even use email other than for signing up for stuff...yeah.. still lol She started reading the woohu reply emails and was all like WHATS "WOOHU?" wow...just wow.
Then I cleaned my
...and it took me forever.
So I had my pjs on and like all ready to go online just to chill in for the night and I got a call from Danielle to go to Steph's house for a lil Pistons shin dig..So
got ready. I should have brought the digital to Steph's house haha it was so fun. We just kindof sat on our asses and watched the game. It was good to see her since I haven't in a while. It reminded me of why I love her so much! Her sister's "friend" was pretty hot too lol I'd tap that.
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