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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2004 at 2:40am
new background, thanks to tina <3

yeah, not falling in love with anyone quite yet, but if tina says it's true, then it must be.

i had a nice day today. this whole entire weekend was nice. mmm... you know why and if you don't, that's too bad.

talked to ashley today. coming down in july to accompany me to concerts... i really hope she does, tallahassee sounds like country-ville.
me: what'd you do today?
ashley: worked in the yard
me: all day?
ashley: yeah... i'm so sunburnt

... later

ashley: we have storms every night like right when it is around that time you go out
me: that sucks
ashley: our phones haven't worked since last night.

.... next conversation

me: what are you doing now?
ashley: watching tv in the guest bedroom, i don't even have cable in my room yet

all i have to say is thank god for cell phones.

i wish to get tanner tomorrow if the weather allows. i should go to bed, but i'm sure my thinking will keep me awake. why do i think so much about you? you leave me lying in my bed at night with countless thoughts. grrr....

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