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XuNsPoKeNxFeArSzX (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2004 at 7:34pm
Current mood: happy
Music: 'Sweetest Sin' by Jessica Simpson
Subject: From Candy And Toys 2 Celly Phones And Boys *
omg.. ii loveE my frieEnds so much.. theEy areE so sweEt.. weEll fiirst of all KeEr-BeEar ii loveE yeEw swEetiEe.. iits beEn reEal geEting to kno you.. Chriista yeEw areE theE only onE pEeRson that can makeE meE laugh liikeE yeEw do.. iim so glad that ii haveE friieEnds liikeE yeEw two..

okay.. yeEsteErday was so crazii.. chriista theEreE to many HOTT ASS guyZz.. lol.. and whats up wiith theE liittleE kidSz.. ha ha.. weE haveE takeE theEm walksS morEe.. KeEr-BeEar neEveEr agaiin.. that was to lateE for meE.. iim prolly goiin to pay for that lateEr.. bUt thats keEwl..

Today was so much fun.. chriista watch your haiir.. ha ha.. iim stiill laughiin bout that.. ha ha.. told you.. lol.. iim so weriid.. riite?? woot woot.. ha ha lol

Justiin iima piimeEtteE so you beEtteEr watch out.. ha ha.. lol.. i lovEe yeEu
JonY ii lovEe yeEu.. you areE my pimp.. for eEveEr
KeEr-BeEr weE arEe gangtas for lyfeE.. ii loveE yeEw hunniieE
LaureEn and MeEghan ii lovEe yeEw twO deEath.. thiis summa is goiin to beE so much fun.. keEp iit ReEal

Summer 2004
* giirls jus wanna haveE fun *
Liiviin iit up

havEe a crazii summa.. ii kno ii wiill

<3 *׺-»AmA`nDa«-º×*
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