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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 6-15-2004 at 8:53am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Avenue Q
Crazy kids don't sleep

That's right...and I'm one of them.

I was thinking that last night/this morning while I was not sleeping. I was like, "Man, I bet you only crazy people don't sleep at night! Wooo, it's so fun to be crazy!"

Okay, don't think I'm completly off my rocker.

I had full intentions of going to sleep last night...and at a reasonable hour too. It's just that I got to reading this book, and of course I got so wrapped up in it that before I knew it the time was 2:00 AM. I figured it was about time for all good little Bekie's to be fast asleep so I put away my book and got into bed. Instead of going straight to sleep I turned on the TV, mainly just so I could see how to get back to my bed and make sure I didn't trip over any of the books that are piled up all over my room (yes, I'm a big dork.) But while flipping through the channels I found that "When Harry Met Sally" had just started and I've never seen that movie. So I became ingulfed and stayed up until five watching that. Next thing you know it's 5:00 AM and my parents are up. At this point I really had to pee, but I couldn't get out of bed because my step-mom has this lovely habit of finding something to yell at me about anytime she sees me. I had to wait a whole freakin' hour and fourty-five minutes before I could get to the stupid bathroom. After that I wasn't really tired so I did this TV workout thing which was so awesome.

Now it's 8:40. I'm gonna try and stay awake for the rest of the day...but I'll probably end up falling asleep in trivia. Oh well.

Now let's computer's been down so I suppose all my lovely people would like an update.

What have I been up to?

Oh yeah,

Big news, I cut off all of my hair last week. I almost cried. I have this emotional attachment to my hair. Sam and Nikie were there with me when I had it done. It usually takes me forever to settle into a new hair style but I'm already satisfied with it. I was in need of a good change. It's so refreshing...changing things.

And that's about it. Other things happen...but I haven't slept in a long I'm most likely not going to remember them now.

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