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amber07 (profile) wrote,
on 6-15-2004 at 5:26pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Rachel Proctor-Me and Emily
Subject: SuMmEr TiMe
Hey everybody!!! I know I have so not updated in like forever!!! Anywayz itz not like you people are missin anything important because I haven't really did anything to write about!!! Me and Sarah went and saw the third Harry Potter movie the day it came was so great!!! Dan Radcliffe and Tom Felton are the hottest...seriously!!! Then last Friday I went to my cousin Amanda's wedding in was great!!! They had like alcohol and stuff at the reception and my cousin Tommy let me have some of his absolute vodka and cranberry was so funny cause he poured my coke in a flower pot and put the vodka in my plastic cup so people wouldn't know it was mom was freakin out cause where I'm underage and stuff she was afraid we'd get in!!! Anywayz it was funny(you would've had to been there)!!! Thatz pretty much all that I've did so far...I've mostly been readin and takin care of my goat!!! I've gotta babysit for my dad's boss this weekend then we're leavin for Myrtle Beach next Tuesday...which is good cause I'm startin to lose my!!!Well I guess imma go!!! I might put some lyrics on here later but I don't know for sure!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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