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thedarkerside (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 3:30am
Tore out the page I wrote the other night and made a new one. I'm content with how it is now. I also wrote a poem..that makes 4 more I have to add... 24 poems and steadily growing..

I watched Murder By Numbers tonight on Charter Demand..thats free isn't it? lol Anyways
Ryan Gosling (sexy stud)
was in it. I thought he looked familiar.. Did some background checking on him and he was in the Mickey Mouse Club and also on a show I use to watch when I was younger called Flash Forward, I think it was on Disney or something. He's going to be playing in The Notebook which I plan to see as soon as it comes out in a few weeks here.. He's one hot mofo..He's like 24 or something. Mmm
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