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niofalcon (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 12:10am
Subject: Darwinism as applied to atypical thought patterns.
I spent a good hour or so going through multiple emails from friends in which they were debating politics and rights and wars and freedoms of our country and it made me realize this: we have too much time on our hands if we can debate politics with novelistic lengthy email exchanges. This is not a democracy, at best it is a semi-socialist dictatorial oligarchy masquerading atop a vast capitalist empire of an archetypal conglomeracy which imprints on our brains a consumeristic attitude and an illusion of choice. We have the right to vote, but that's like throwing pennies into ponds trying to create tidal waves. I'll keep my opinions of America to myself and worry about my own two feet and square feet and the surrounded miles around me. We have too much time on our hands to be arguing about politics when we can be spending time with our loved ones. We should try to understand them instead of trying to understand the meddlings and affairs of political figures. I think life should be spent trying to understand life and not the decisions of our leaders, we should focus on evolving mankind and progressing as a whole, selectively weeding out anything that gets in the way of evolution. Technology and science will pave the way. Wars and killings and abortions will filter out inhumane humans and after the attrition only the "braniacs" will be left. As they say, only the strong survive. I'm sure the fires will wipe out those scrutinzing and criticizing each other.
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