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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 1:28pm
Current mood: sick
Music: ..311 cdD..
Subject: . thiNkiing thiinGs 0ver nd 0ver aGaiin .
0mg, wen will all this drama END! i swear 0nce 0ne thiing is fiine, s0methiin else gets fuckedD upp. last niite, edDy t0ldD me he l0ved me nd me nd jaX are gettiin t0 be g00d friendsz again. s0o i wake upp this m0rniin nd phiL c0mes int0 me nd eRin's c0nv0. nd n0w we're fightiin again .. whiile she's 1ooo milesz away in iNDiANA. i hate her friendD haiLee .. she's is a tw0-facedD bytch .. she h00kedD upp wit phiL nd i fuckiin cant standD her ass. UGH!! nuthiin will ever w0rk 0ut riight. this week has benn 0kay. w0rkiin nd then d0iin shyt after w0rk .. chyllen wit riA nd jeNny. t0niight after w0rk, i'm stayiin 0ver jaX's h0use nd then we're g0iin sh0ppiin fRidayy. i h0pe it takesz my miind 0ff all this shyt .. i fuckiin hate drama! newh0, weiNer thiinks i'm stupidD f0r bec0miin jaX's friiendD again but 0utta all my friends .. she is 0ne that was ALWAYS there f0r me nd alwayys knew wut t0 d0. Wen i g0t int0 all that shyt in SEBASTiAN, jaX was 0n the ph0ne wit me 24.7 nd telliin her dad that theyy neededD t0 c0me get me cuz i was scaredD t0 shyt .. whiile eRin was gettiin drunk 0ff her ass wit fRanKie nd juStin. see, little shyt lyke that is wut makes me thiink eRin d0nt care. h0nestlyy, if i was her, i w0uld t0ld haiLee it was bytch wut she was d0iing .. but n0, eRin acts lyke it's fiine cuz she g0t everythiing she ever wantedD .. chAz. Nd she sayys h0w she dun wana get in the middle 0f it .. but she listens t0 haiLee explain t0 her h0w awesum phiL is .. that's gettin in the middle riight there. g0d, the 0nlyy 0ne that understandsz riight n0w is jaX .. thank g0d we're gettiin t0 be best friends again .. i miss telliing her everythiing .. i l0ve her s0o much .. l0l, she the greatest! nd i'm s0o happy f0r her nd aLex .. they're madD cute t0gether. y d0es he have t0 g0 t0 c0llege 0utta s0uth fL0rida. it suxx .. everyy l0ng distance relati0nshiip d0es but i think she can get thr0ugh it. <33 0kay, i feel a little bit better. Later h0esz. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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