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thedarkerside (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2004 at 10:56pm
Lastnight was so fucking fun. The original plan was to have jesse, danielle, and I to go over to stephs house and just hang but jesse couldnt go because he had a facial at 9(kidding) but then Spencer went and saw dodgeball without steph so steph thought we should go see it so we went to Northstar lol haha. We were waiting for our movie because we were early and we saw Kyle and Tara which was refreshing.. always good to see Kyle since I haven't in like..3 weeks. So we joked around then Brittany Dixon came in! Cute innocent brittany as I like to call her. I told Kyle to go give her a hug and embarass her but he wouldn't lol

So we saw the movie ..and it was funny but not as funny as Starsky and Hutch.

Then we bought 25 cent matching necklaces and i got some rings. Steph got dice, which we used to play games with on the sidewalk. If we rolled below an 8 we had to do something.. I lost and had to run to the Northstar sign and back with my arms in the air which was more hillarious than it Then steph had to rub her ass on the wall..I was screaming "UP AND DOWN!" lol then Danny got the best one of all...she had to go inside Northstar and pick up the "Caution: Wet Floor" sign and move it kindof acting like she was going to steal it. The guy that was working there looked at her sooooo weird it was omg soooooooo funny I peed alittle.

it was so fun! We all agreed that we need to hang out more and we're going to go to muskegon the weekend after next for the beach party at night and just to the beach to lay out during the day. It will be so fun if we go do that!
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