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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2004 at 12:34am
Current mood: good
Music: ..0n ndD oN -->> eAm0n..
Subject: . w0w..crazyy c0uple 0f dayysz! .
damn, d0 i have a fuckiin wh0le l0tta shyt t0 sayy .. this isz guna be the l0ngest j0urnal entry ever. 0k, let's start wit thuRsdayy. g0t 0ff w0rk at 6 pm cuz the niight ladyy didnt c0me in. went t0 jaX'z h0use nd sm0kedD wit her br0. then we were guna g0 t0 the m0viesz but we wantedD t0 chyll wit pe0ple s0o i was lyke .. let's chyll wit this kidD miKe (( phiL nd chAz's h0meb0yy )). s0o we went 0ver there nd phiL was there. i felt wierd nd jaX knew it s0 she was lyke i want y0u t0 meet my b0yfriiendD aLex. s0o we left cuz i wantedD t0 meet hiim newayysz nd he 0nly livesz lyke 5 miinutesz away fr0m miKe. s0o we went t0 aLex's h0use nd w0w, he's an awesumm kidD. me nd hiim are pretty straight friendsz n0w. then we went t0 b0nefiish (( her 0ld j0b )) nd chylledD wit p0tter, hannah - yuCk!, nd sum 0ther awesumm kidDs. then we went back t0 miKe's nd jaX was drunk 0ff her ass nd she was talkiin b0ut fuckiin her b0yfriendD t0 me nd miKe. then me nd jaX left nd went t0 her h0use nd passedD 0ut. fRidayy, w0ke upp nd cashedD 0ur checksz, went sh0ppiing nd then hung 0ut at aLex's f0r a c0uple h0ursz. then luChi wantedD t0 chyll. s0o we were 0n 0ur wayy 0ver there nd aLex texts jaX sayiin he's guna g0 chyll wit haNnah which isnt c00l cuz haNnah wantsz t0 fuck hiim 0r sum shyt. s0o jaX wantedD t0 g0 t0 haNnah's t0 bytch hiim nd her 0ut s0o i went 0ver there nd thiingsz g0t fuckedD upp. jaX g0t s0o pissedD that she punchedD a liight p0st nd br0ke 2 of her fiingersz. s0o insteadD 0f g0iin t0 the h0spital .. she wantedD t0 g0 t0 miKe's .. l0l that's g00d stuff. then she hadda g0 h0me s0o she c0uldD tell her parentsz wut happenedD. s0o i went t0 miKe's nd s0o much happenedD. he t0ld me he relle lykedD me nd he saidD that i'm s0o h0tt that wen he l00ksz at me he c0uldD jerk 0ff nd fantasiize b0ut me. l0l, he was drunk .. nd s0 was i. l0l, then we made0ut nd he fingeredD me nd i suckedD hiis dick. it was a g00d niight last niight. i left at 12.3o am nd went t0 riA's f0r the niight cuz i hadda get my car fixedD this m0rniing. s0o we w0ke upp nd i g0t my car fixedD! i g0t a wh0le new fr0nt end. it's awesumm shyt. it juss has t0 be paiintedD nd he has t0 straighten the framew0rk 0r sum shyt s0o wen the wh0le fam leavesz f0r the h0use we rentedD iin napLesz f0r 5 dayy 0n 4th 0f juLy weekend (( guna be crazyy! )), the guyy is guna take my car back nd fix it upp nd take it t0 hiis friendD t0 get it paintedD. yAyErSz!! i s0o can't wait. s0 while i was waitiin f0r my car which t00k 6 h0ursz, i watchedD lil' anDy nd then my sis nd anDy came h0me nd we all went 0ut t0 dinner. it was wierdD wit juss the 4 0f us. s0o t0niight .. went t0 jaX's nd gave her sum shyt she left it my car then we hung 0ut wit daN baRt0n, chRistian, nd sum 0ther kidD. sm0kedD a blunt (( shiitty 0ne )) nd juss chylledD. then i left nd went 0ver miKe's. phiL came 0ver while i was there (( he's beiin s0o gayy! )) nd he was all barredD upp nd he wantedD t0 g0 t0 bL0ckbuSter s0 me, hiim nd miKe went nd we g0t kiLL biLL cuz i relle wantedD miKe t0 see it nd Lord 0f the riingsz. s0o we g0t back t0 miKe's h0use nd he's lyke phiL y0u sh0uldD g0 .. nd shyt. nd phiL g0t pissedD cuz he saidD it's fuckedD upp h0w i'm hangiin 0ut wit miKe nd all this shyt nd then he walkedD 0ut nd me nd miKe startedD t0 watch kiLL biLL but h0nestlyy, we didnt watch n0t 0ne minute 0f that m0vie .. l0l. he fingeredD me nd ate me 0ut nd shyt. then he did sum freakyy shyt which felt damn g00d. l0l, nd i t0ldD hiim he made me wet nd he went fuckiin crazyy nd alm0st bustedD. l0l, then he was juss talkiin b0ut h0w he wantsz me s0o badD nd then .. he askedD me 0ut. nd me, the gurl wh0 wantedD sum0ne s0o badD, t0ld hiim i juss wantedD t0 be friendDsz but we c0uldD still h00k upp nd i th0ught that w0uldD make hiim happy but he was lyke .. n0, i want y0u all t0 myself. i wana be wit y0u. nd he juss kept sayiin shyt lyke that nd then eRin calledD nd we were switchiin the f0ne fr0m me t0 hiim s0 she c0uld talk t0 b0th 0f us nd wen i g0t it 0ne tiime he was fuckiin wit me s0o badD. l0l, nd then he startedD m0aniin in the f0ne nd he hung upp 0n her. l0l, we came s0o cl0se t0 fuckiin but i hadda be h0me at 11.3o nd since he livesz in p0mpan0 i hadda leave at 11.15 nd it was already lyke 11.o5 0r sumthiin nd i didnt wana quickiie .. l0l, i want it t0 be g00d. nd the funniest part is wen he was walkiin me 0ut t0 his car .. there was lyke sum 13 or 14 year 0ld gurl wit her her friendD nd he was lyke y0u wana sh0w them wut theyy can l00k f0rwardD t0. l0l nd he pickedD me upp nd put me in the bedD 0f his truck nd was hardc0re makiing 0ut wit me nd he was lyke m0an s0o i did nd the little gurlsz were juss stariing at us .. it was funny as fuck. nd he t0ld me that 0ne 0f them livesz a c0uple h0uses d0wn nd has benn in l0ve wit hiim since he was lyke 13 nd she w0uldD lyke c0me t0 his d00r nd ask f0r hiim .. l0l, it was funny stuff. yea, s0o then i left nd he saidD he wantsz t0 hang 0ut t0m0rr0w niight s0o imma try t0 g0 0ver there t0m0rr0w.

but yea, summ crazyy weekendD nd it aiint 0ver yet! l0l, my feeliingsz f0r miKe are wierdD. he's fuckiin h0tt as hell nd awesum at everythiing else .. haha .. but i juss dun want ne0ne riight n0w but i'd l0ve t0 juss be friendDsz --wit benefiitsz-- f0r n0w. i dunn0, he t0ldD me t0 thiink b0ut it nd let hiim kn0 if my mindD changesz. newh0, i'm juss guna have t0 thiink ab0ut it. l0l, s0rry f0r readiing my st0riesz b0ut fuckiin wit miKe but heyy, y0u readD the shyt. l0l cant wait f0r t0m0rr0w niight.

... f0rg0t t0 save this nd i juss g0t 0ff the f0ne wit eRin. she pretty much calledD me a slut but in an indirect kinda wayy ..? maybe i am .. i wish i c0uld be lyke her nd wait f0r the riight pers0n .. i mean, i kn0 imma fuck hiim nd he'll be the 3rd pers0n alreadyy .. it's crazyy. ugh, i dunn0 .. n0w i feel lyke a disgustiing pers0n. newh0, tiredD as fuck s0o i'm g0iin t0 bedD. niight. (( oNe )) --> i l0ve y0u jaX!! x0x

<33 shaWna
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