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Shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2004 at 11:57am
Current mood: sore
Music: coo coo chee - RicAche
i'm srry i haven't wrote in a while but ok Summer's here n SHANE'S HOTT! I LUV HIM SOOO MUCH!!! lol we're not goin out but i'm had my doubts like thinkin he hated me n i dunno he's so sweet n he's got a unique personality that's part of what i luv about him
he's spanish black or brown hair (it's the same to me), brown eyes. omg he's perfect n i luv the FRO! heehee it's really tiny were not talkin full out were talkin he's got tight curls till he piks it out then the fro is hott him n jeremy have fro's cept jeremy's is a white boy blonde fro lol it's cute too btw they're lookin for some1 to braid the hair n no offense but they want some1 spanish or black cuz they dont' trust white people lol it's ok cuz they ask me to n i'm like no to bad cuz i can't lol i'm not good wit braids n shit like that...... pretty much all summer has been - fine ass hott guyz, hot weather (which makes fine ass hot guyz take off thier shirts ;-) n sweat lol wow), talkinto meg on the phone n chillin wit the hommies lol btw jeremy has a 6 pak n ladies he's single lol .... he's a wannabe sk8r no i'm playin shane n jeremy are my sk8r thugs lol it's a good mix trust me!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET SHAWN TO ADDMITT HE'S A SK8R SO HE'LL GO TO HEAVEN INSTEAD OF HELL!! ya him n megan are gonna hook up i think ....... this summer i been to sunsplash wit meg court ty les n marcus for more details look at this site -
ya n ummm i went bowlin like 2 days ago wit meg n ty n shawn n my forearm hurt like a bitch neways i'ma go this is alot for me to rite right now i will rite in it lata but for now i gotta bounce pz out
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