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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2004 at 4:21pm
Current mood: ehhh... good
Music: bright eyes
Subject: happy fathers day
i lust summer... i lust the noises in my ear.... ahh and soo much more to go... i dont want to write down details because there is always bad with good... i just wanted to say i lust my life. i lust my life in summer.... but on the "everything isnt always possitive" side, i wish i was 18. i wish hard that i was 18. i want the freedom and such. or at least not be treated like i am a sophmore in high school instead of a freshman in college. i guess i just want out of this house. i like it occasionally but i fucking hate it soooooo much sometimes... my mom is all "pre-menopause" and i really cant handle being around her... it makes me nuts... eh i just want a vacation from this house. nothing else... maybe i will make someone take me in for a week... cause it really flips me out to be here.. ill just pack up my car and be like "ill be back next week" because otherwise i may end up punching her in the fucking face... but i love my dad. cause well hes the man so we get along. i could deal with this place if it were just me and him. i prob would never leave but i would kill her if he wasnt here... actually i would just not come home.. my dad asked me one day why im never at the house... i just wanted to be like MUM!!! that is why my fucking stupid bitch mother. so yeah.. happy fathers day.

*stagnancy is my only enemy*
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