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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2004 at 5:38pm
Current mood: drained
Subject: crappy fathers day
fathers day is such a hallmark thing.
who wants to celebrate their father.
mum went to the trouble to make breakfast extra special, but it's all fake.
now that im home from work they're sitting downstairs.
mum has the television on and my father is sleeping.
he was supposed to go out and wash the car, or work on slides, but he fell asleep.
why the hell do we celebrate fathers?
makes me think of robert.
i think that men should be outlawed.
look how many "extra" kids we already have in the world.
women how would like children should adopt.
we just need to adopt until there are no kids left to adopt, and then we can use men for sperm donors.
all males should be locked up when they reach the age of 18.
that would be lovely.
so much less crime that way.
no more domestic violence, less rape, no more abortions, or unwanted would be so easy!
fathers day is supposed to be when you spend the day hanging out with your family playing games and grilling..right?
that's the way it always is on tv.
i hate holidays.
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