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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2004 at 10:59pm
Current mood: full
Music: Grey Does Matter-Sinking
Wow, its been a month since the last update. Sheesh.

Well, lots has been going on since then. Graduations (not mine), parties, vacations, and so on.

Yeah, three graduations in one week. Both of my sisters (one graduating high school, one graduating Jr. High) and my mom (recieved her B.A. in Deaf Studies from CSUN). So now my little sister will be in high school with me. Whoop. Five bucks says she'll give me some weird look everytime she passes me. Then there's my older sister. Shes goin' off to college. Well, kinda. Community college. She'll be in our house 'til shes 30. Watch. But it wasn't only my older sisters grad. Lots of my friends graduated. Vince, Manouk, Masta Bates (Kyle), A.J., Mark, Brittany B. and Brittany Alabran, and tons of others. Man. Next year will be awkward, with so many friends gone. Man... But hey, I got my Jerkheads (Brian, Dave, Max, and Sean) to look forward to. And some of the Fantas (Meg and Duff, since I'm not really friends with the others. Yet.) Wow, I'm totally jumping around here. Oh well.

Alright, I'm gonna make the parties real quick here. Meg's b-day party. I got her a Peeps shirt, Peeps key chain, and some money. Cool beans. Then the grad party. Some of my family showed. Not many. Oh well. You see, short.

Now on to the vacation. I went to Mexico. On a cruise. Just got back a few days ago. I want you to notice something. On the Royal Carribean, or whatever, commercials, notice how many times they show the inside of the boat. Once. For the ice rink. My boat didn't have one. Sure, it had the rock wall, but overall, the ship sucked. Before we even got outta port on the first day, all the adults who could drink did. There were glasses of booze everywhere. Cruises aren't for kids. Lemme tell you that. However, the boat did stop at Catalina, San Diego, and Mexico. Those places were fun. In San Diego, I got to tour the U.S.S Midway, an old aircraft carrier. Really cool. I also picked up some newspapers from the day after Pearl Harbor (it says "WAR DECLARED!" on the front) and the day after the peace treaty was signed ("PEACE"), ending WWII. They're really cool. Exact replicas. Then off to Catalina, where we (my family and myself) rented a golf cart and went around the city of Avalon. Its an awesome city, but small and doesn't have much to do. It also smells like gasoline. Then the next day, we were off to Mexico. Ensenada, Mexico. When we were there, we went on a tour to La Bufadora, or "the one who blows" in English. La Bufadora is the world's largest water spewing cave thing. Its cool. But to get to La Bufadora, you gotta go through this flea market. Man these Mexicans are nuts. They practically drag you into their stores. Really nice people though. Bargaining with them is also welcomed. Thats always fun. I bought some fake Ray-Ban (I call them my Bay-Rans) Aviators (they look real, so who has to know they're fake?) for 7 bucks. Also bought a Spanish style guitar for $45, but I'm sure I coulda gotten it for cheaper. I really didn't feel like bargaining more. I also got a Tequila shot glass/flask combo for 10 bucks. Man I love Mexico. They give you free churros. No joke.

Well, thats all I really wanna say right now, except I got some new background music on my journal now. Its from a band called Grey Does Matter, and the song is called "Sinking". I like it.
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