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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2004 at 12:49am
Current mood: hopeful
Music: ..ranDom shyt..
Subject: . m0re dRama shyt .
0k .. s0o i went 0ver miKe's h0use t0niight. f0undD 0ut fuckiin chAz's ass has a gurl that he's benn wit f0r 4 yearsz nd she livesz wit hiim! h0w the fuck was he guna try nd pull that shyt 0ff?! w0w, wut a dumbass. s0o miKe t0ld eRin cuzs he didnt want her t0 get hurt nd n0w she kn0wsz why i was s0o madD at her wen she didnt tell me riight awayy. phiL isz tryiing t0 h00k upp wit eRin n0w. miKe t0ld me that everythiing he's benn sayiin ab0ut me has benn true nd c0me fr0m his heart nd n0t juss sayiing cuz he wantsz t0 get in my pantsz nd he saidD he w0uldD pr0ve it t0 me by waiting till i'm readyy t0 fuck. it's niice t0 kn0 he respectsz me. he t0ldD me he's waitiing f0r my answer still 0n g0iing 0ut wit hiim. i'm guna tell hiim yess .. wen i see hiim t0m0rr0w 0r wen i chyll wit hiim thuRsdayy. but yea, i relle think this will be g00d f0r me t0 be wit hiim nd eRin nd jaX b0th want me t0 be wit hiim. newayysz, we h00kedD upp lyke we did last niight nd it was AMAZiNG. w0w .. crazyyness .. l0l. We dun everyythiing but fuck nd imma wait 0n that 0ne .. f0r the fiirst tiime. but sidesz that chAz nd phiL are stupidD thiinkiing they're guna playy me nd eRin. 0utta all 0f them .. me nd eRin b0th trust miKe riight n0w. he tellsz thiingsz exactlyy h0w he feelsz .. lyke i d0 .. isz g00d shyt. yea, i'm startiing t0 lyke hiim .. yAy! 0k .. tiredD n0w .. l0ng niight. xox

<33 shaWna
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