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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2004 at 12:45am
Current mood: loved
Music: ..sLow m0ti0n -->> juVi..
Subject: . miKe <33 .
s0o me nd miKe startedD g0iin 0ut last niight. i'm happy .. he's happy .. that's all that matters riight?! newh0, i went 0ver there bef0re w0rk nd after w0rk. wen i finally saidD yess after w0rk .. we startedD t0 talk b0ut wut he expectedD in a gurl nd wut i expectedD in a guyy. 0ne 0f the thiingsz he saidD which was s0o cute was that he was lyke .. 0ne thing i relle want is y0u t0 be my best friendD. i wana be able t0 trust y0u wit my wh0le heart nd tell y0u everythiing kn0iin it will stayy between uss nd i want y0u t0 be able t0 d0 the same wit me. wen y0ur haviing a pr0blem, i want y0u t0 c0me t0 me nd cryy 0n my sh0ulder. i've never hadda best friendD lyke that .. i th0ught i did but then theyy startedD talkiin shyt. <-- it was cute. it made me happy nd that's wut i wana be f0r hiim. he saidD he's happy that i saidD yes. we talkedD b0ut respect, trust, l0yalty, cuttiin d0wn 0n drugsz, shyt lyke that. it was g00d. s0methiing crazyy is i've seen hiim lyke everyy sec0ndD i c0uld siince thuRsdayy niight nd i'm n0t guna see hiim t0niight nd i already miss hiim. Nd me nd edDy never saw each 0ther nd i miss hiim as much as i miss edDy nd i juss saw hiim last niight. aww .. it's cute. newh0, chAz calledD eRin last niight nd eRin hadda t0 pretendD that she dun kn0 b0ut his gurl but chAz startedD talkiin shyt b0ut miKe nd h0w he dun wana hang 0ut wit hiim n0 m0re cuz he's a druggiie nd i t0ld miKe cuz i th0ught it was fuckedD upp .. s0o we went t0 chAz's nd he was lyke i swear t0 g0d imma break his jaw but chAz w0uldnt c0me 0ut cuz he was scaredD 0r sum shyt. s0o we went back t0 his h0use nd juss hung 0ut nd talkedD. then i left t0 get jaX fr0m aLex's but she s0ldD me 0ut. yeaa .. gayy shyt. iighty, i'm g0ne. xox (( oNe ))

[[ <33 shaWna ][ miKe .n. shaWna - 6.21.o4 ]]
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