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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2004 at 6:56pm
Current mood: headache
Music: Empty Handed - Michelle Branch
Subject: This Might Sound Vain, But..
i saw a beautiful girl today.
she was sitting ontop of a table, on the other side of the window.
her hair was pulled back in a pony tail, but she had mouth-length bangs which hid her face.
i could still see the sad look in her grey eyes.
she sat kind of hunched over, just staring out the window.
this lovely girl was wearing jeans and a grey Pink Panther hoodie, even though it's the middle of summer.
her sleeves were rolled up and i could see tiny arms, her right wrist bearing a single, red rubber band.
she just sat there spacing off as i took in all of her beauty.
then i realised something..that girl was me.
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