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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2004 at 3:50am
Current mood: amused
Yesterday I called this guy I knew in high school. We didn't get on too well back then; he kinda gave me the creeps. Somehow I always end up doing this, I feel bad for a guy and go out places with him. I always think we're out as
friends but he always ends up thinking different.

But this did make for a very interesting and exciting day...

It started out with Matt picking me up somewhere around seven I suppose. He wanted to go to Jillian's, but when I mentioned that I knew a lot of servers there he started to talk about how he didn't want to run into anyone we knew. I
was already feeling a bit uneasy in the car with this guy. So we get to Jillian's, and I'm starting to think, "How the hell have I managed to do this to myself again?" Just then I spotted Sam and Scott Wyatt in the video cafe. I told Matt that I wanted to say a quick hello and then ran off. The hello lasted a rather long time and in the end we all got a table together in Nick's section. Matt wasn't all too happy about this. While sitting and chatting, I randomly decided that I was the queen of Jillian's, and I needed more sweet tea straight away. Nick was suddenly swamped. I mean I tried everything...even standing up in the booth and yelling "Nick! Sweet Tea!" He didn't seem to be getting it (really he was just busy.) Brent didn't have any talbes at al so when Scott saw him walking by he stopped him and told him I needed more tea. Before I even realized what had come out of my mouth, I had yelling, "If you bring me sweet tea, I will give you the biggest kiss ever!" Brent took off running. He just happend to run past Nick who was already bringing me more tea. Brent stotod with his head down for a second and then went up to Nick and said "Let me give it to her! Let me give it to her, cause she's gonna give it to me!" Nick got all the way to the table and Brent said, "Just let me hand it to her!" Nick gave it to him and he looked like a giddy little boy and pucked up his lips. I was like "He he, this is gonna piss Matt off so much" and laid one on him. Brent yelled "That's it?!?!?! That wasn't even on the lips!" At that point he really got me going so I yelled back "One day Brent you will have the most orgasmic kiss ever and it will be from me!"

A little later Scot left and Sam went to pick up Melissa, leaving me alone with Matt. He kept on talkign about kissing me, and it was not so much fun. He also kept touching my hair and looking at my ass. Brent stopped by the table and asked me what I was doing later on and I told him I didn't know and he asked me if I wanted to hang out. I was like "sure!" and started to make plans when Matt floated back into my head. I stopped and siad "Well I'm with him." Brent looked as though he were going to suggest that Matt come along but I gave him a look and he understood. He told me to get back with him and walked away. A little later, Matt was talkign about something or other, but I saw Brent out of the corner of my eye. He looked at me and let a napkin on the bar next to my arm. I took it and slipped it under the table. It said, "If you can ditch the dcude then we can hang out. I could pick you up or something." Matt tired to read it, but I stuffed it in my bra, where I knew he could never get to it. Melissa and Sam cam eback a little after that. Melissa did such a great job of keeping Matt off of me. I love her.

Later on I did end up ditching Matt and Brent and I hung out...that was pretty uneventful. Not worth writng about.

I don't know if I mentioned this yet...but I cut off all of my hair. La la, so awesome!

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