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lexish (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2004 at 11:07pm
Music: Debaaassseeerrrr -- The Pixies.
Subject: Boredom kills, kids. Boredom kills.
I give you two entries today.
So boredom overtakes you in the summer.
I decide that I really want to go to Toys R Us.
Nathan and I go.
I find a 6.99 Wolverine with "24 Points of Articulation" and "Awesome Claw-Fighting Action"! Well, that sold me.
Turns out the aforementioned awesome claw-fighting action is simply when you put an unecessarily large contraption onto Wolverine's back which thus forces him to shake what his mother gave him.
And now he only has 23 Points of Articulation because within 5 minutes, I broke his fingers.
Anyway. Too much fun with the action figures...

Eh, not the most attractive photograph ever, but hey, it's cute, right?

So uh...Wolverine started causing a few problems.

He wasn't such a fan of The Postal Service. He thought it made him look like a wuss. So he switched it.

He tried to choose a new CD, but he almost scratched The Strokes' Is This It? with his adamantium claws.

His road rage got control of him at a stoplight. He spit vulgarities and Nathan became increasingly uncomfortable.

Wolverine noticed this, and decided to fuck with her.

He tried to fake her out...pretending to watch calmly as New Jersey passed him

He tried to attack from behind, but Nathan's catlike reflexes kicked in and she covered her face in hopes of protecting herself from Wolverine's unstoppable rage.

But alas! Wolverine is no quitter! He attacks from another angle!

When Nathan realized she was no match for the mutant, she was terrified.

So then, in an effort to try and make the ride a little less hostile and a little more loving, I seduced Wolverine.

The three of us then made a stop by the Huck Finn Diner for some eatin's.

Wolverine decided that he wanted a "Dairy Dish." He likes Blueberry Blintzes a lot.

But before he could even eat his meal, violence struck!

His archnemesis, Halfway Full Ketchup Bottle and Ice Cold Glass of Water, showed up!

Ice Cold Glass of Water may have been easy to defeat, but Halfway Full Ketchup Bottle packed the power and deliciousness of an entirely full ketchup bottle. Who knew?

Eventually, Wolverine was the victor. As usual.

And to celebrate, he did a striptease around the straw of the Coke glass.

After this, we holed up in my basement and were weird.

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