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stefoffanie (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2004 at 6:10pm
KeL42191 [5:48 PM]: Hello Smelly Ass.
Auto response from Stefi89 [5:48 PM]: Never Again.
I'll slit my throat with the knife I pulled out of my spine.
Maybe when you find out that I'm dead,
you'll realize what you did to me.
And if my lungs still let me breathe,
would you be there for me.
If I can make myself believe,
i'll give you back what you took away
No, I won't let it go.
Douse myself in gasoline.
So don't save me when you come into the fire.
I'd rather die than have to see your smile.
I'll give you back what you took away.
Stefi89 [5:49 PM]: hey, whos this?
KeL42191 [5:50 PM]: Penelope Sharlae
Stefi89 [5:50 PM]: what?
Stefi89 [5:50 PM]: who is this for real?
KeL42191 [5:50 PM]: Penelope Sharlae.
Stefi89 [5:50 PM]: wtf
KeL42191 [5:50 PM]: I am talking to you on acount of the money problem you are having in your bank account right now
Stefi89 [5:51 PM]: um no
KeL42191 [5:51 PM]: It's not looking too good
Stefi89 [5:51 PM]: who the hell r u?
KeL42191 [5:51 PM]: Penelope Sharlae.
KeL42191 [5:51 PM]: I am one of the workers at the bank you attend.
Stefi89 [5:52 PM]: i dont attend a bank
KeL42191 [5:52 PM]: yes you do
KeL42191 [5:52 PM]: You are having a problem with your money.
KeL42191 [5:52 PM]: It is not looking too good right now.
Stefi89 [5:54 PM]: is that all you have to say is that it is not looking good
KeL42191 [5:55 PM]: Well first of all, the problem is that it is extremely low and you also owe a lot of money to the bank. We are talking about $69,000
Stefi89 [5:55 PM]: rrriiiggghhht
Stefi89 [5:56 PM]: i bet, concidering im only 14 and i dont attend a bank
KeL42191 [5:56 PM]: If you do not put in more money then you will be in extreme trouble and will not go very far in life.
KeL42191 [5:56 PM]: I know you are fourteen but you still have an account and you have desposite more money into it
Stefi89 [5:57 PM]: leave me alone im blocking you right now unless you tell me who this really is
KeL42191 [5:57 PM]: Penelope Sharlae. If you block me this matter is only going to be getting worse.
Stefi89 [5:57 PM]: ok what bank then
Stefi89 [5:58 PM]: i dont give ne one my im ne ways so they wouldent im me..
KeL42191 [5:58 PM]: The First Financial Bank
Stefi89 [5:58 PM]: nope sorry
Stefi89 [5:58 PM]: not even the right bank, youloose
Stefi89 [5:58 PM]: do u even know my last name?
KeL42191 [5:59 PM]: Ok fine but this matter is not going to just go away. You will be getting a phone call soon.
Stefi89 [5:59 PM]: or my middle name
Stefi89 [5:59 PM]: or my social security number..or my phine number?
Stefi89 [6:00 PM]: *phone
KeL42191 [6:00 PM]: I do not have all of your records right now i am just trying to inform you of this problem
Stefi89 [6:00 PM]: or my address or my parents name
Stefi89 [6:01 PM]: a bank representative dosent just im some one and tell them they own 69,000 diollars,,,they would call on the phone.
Stefi89 [6:01 PM]: you are a fucking idiot
KeL42191 [6:01 PM]: Fine, if you do not want to listen to me this problem will just keep haunting you.
Stefi89 [6:02 PM]: nothing is haunting me, accept you, so im gonna go ahead and block you now, and my problem will be gone and i will go back to what i was doing, ok have a nice day fucker

wtf was that..i still don't know, i think it was someone fucking with me, if ne one knows this person or gets this to tell le, and in the mean time add them to your buddylist and harass the hell out of them when they come on. K . thanks

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