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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2004 at 11:07am
Current mood: grateful
Music: ..kiNd 0f peRfeCt -->> aRm0r f0r sLeep..
Subject: . caN i juSs be s0methiing, s0mewheRe in y0ur r00m .
well, same 0ldD shyt. i've g0ne 0ver miKe's h0use twiice a dayy f0r the past 5 dayysz .. bef0re nd after w0rk. we've hadda l0tta talksz. i g0t madD scaredD. see, this kidD naCh0 g0t hiim in al0tta tr0uble wit the c0psz lyke a c0uple yearsz back nd then he saw naCh0 lyke tueSdayy nd he wantedD t0 fiight hiim. s0o n0w everyy niight, naCh0 will drive by nd juss layy 0n his h0rn in fr0nt 0f miKe's place nd i'm s0o scaredD s0methiing is guna happen .. nd n0t f0r the fact he's guna get hurt, but that he's guna get in tr0uble. cuz he's g0t madD gunsz nd i kn0 if ne0ne triesz t0 fuck wit hiim .. he'll sh00t them in a heartbeat .. but i dun want hiim t0 g0 all crazyy cuz then he'll endD upp in jail. it scaresz the shyt 0utta me. 0mg, last niight was s0o funny. phiL calledD miKe's ph0ne fuckedD upp 0ff his ass nd h0ly shyt .. he was beiin s0o crazy .. he was lyke fr0m n0w 0n, i'm glider guyy - hangiin 1o in maui. l0l, i was lyke wut the fuck phiL. it was great shyt. i c0uldn't st0p laughiing. damn, next weekendD imma miss hiim s0o much cuz i'm g0iin t0 napLes f0r 4 dayys nd he's haviing a partyy .. i wish i c0uldD be here f0r it nd his bdayy is the 6th. But i'll be back the 5th s0o i get t0 see hiim 0n his bdayy .. s0o it's all g00dD. nd then eRin gets back the 7th!! yAyErSz.

i relle h0pe me nd miKe w0rk 0ut. i'm startiing t0 relle lyke hiim n0w. he makesz me smile .. all the tiime. nd wen i'm wit hiim .. i'm s0o happy. y0u kn0, i havent sm0kedD weed in lyke 4 dayysz. i d0 it cuz it makesz me happy .. but it c0uld NEVER make me this happyy. i want hiim t0 quit everythiing (( cept weedD )) th0. cuz i wana make hiim happy lyke he's makiin me s0o he dun have t0 d0 barsz 0r c0ke 0r X n0 m0re. i thiink i can d0 it. =]

s0o juss waitiin f0r hiim 0r eRin t0 call. i'm stayiin at his h0use t0niight. his m0m is the fuckiin BEST! she's guna lie t0 my m0mmy nd pretendD t0 be jaX's m0m 0r sumthiin. this is great nd miKe t0ldD me she relle lykesz me. everyytiime i c0me 0ver, she givesz me a huge hug nd she's juss super nice. l0l, iighty .. imma g0. Later ----- (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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