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holdme (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2004 at 5:55pm
Current mood: So special, bouncey, and bubbly...
Subject: -New expencive outfit is on...YEY! ^^-
I don't think I mentioned this here before... What was the best feeling I've had in the presence of Ryan? There are so many... they all involve eye contact, smiles, and holding eachother. But if I have to pick one... or a few... ^^

It was either the second or the third time I went to his house (I think second, but anyways,). We were moving his things into the room across the hall. I started to get a headache. He sat me down and lay beside me. Ryan put the covers over me... and held me. I fell asleep with with his arms around me. It was amazing... and I think it was the first time I said, "I love you." to him in person... It ment so much to me.

Another time, it was the first LAN I went to. Again, here comes the headache. Well, the sweety bought, with his FOOD money, Advil for myself. I said he didn't have to do that. He said it was his job to take care of me.

It started to pour outside when he was at the house one afternoon. Since I love the rain, I ran out into it. I stood at the curb and played in the river that runds along-side it. I put my head up and swallowed the refreshing droplets. Then I spun around in the rain and danced to the rhythm it made on the rooftops and trees. He followed me out, even though he doesn't like cold rains (which it was) and put his arms around me, and kissed me. It was perfect.

It's every second spent with him. The Friday of one of my trips to Seattle and we waited with me for my mum. Well, on the corner he made me laugh like nothing else. I don't remember all of what he said, just the way he made me feel. It was another moment he took to heart, put his arms around me, smiled, and we kissed. It was another moment, I'll not forget.

Perfect. Simply, perfect.
Every second spent with him-perfect.

"You make my heart smile."

Just kiss me,

PS: The next time I spend with him, I want it to be under the stars...

PPS: You know? It's not a wonderful idea to watch Love Actually when you're away from your significant other. It's about how love is everywhere... or in fact, "all around." I wish it was closer to me. I wish he was closer to me. I hope nothing bad happens while I'm away... I really need him.
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