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FreakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2004 at 9:53pm
Current mood: tired
Subject: I still miss Mike...
What a long day. Today we went to Downtown Disney and then headed over to Universal Studios again. We didn't go back on the Mummy though...pfft I'm not waiting 70 minuets for that, fuck it. So we headed over to Earthquake...God I love that ride. Last time I was on it, our tour guide person was named John, and today we got him again. When he walked out me, Dan, and Bean all yelled out his name and he was surprised to see us I guess. Well, he picked me for a volunteer (the captain/sailor) and Bean got picked for the weather person. It was fun...I never get tired of that ride.

Well, after that we didn't do much but to make it up to Bean for missing the Mummy, me, her and Dan hopped over to the other park and got on Dueling Dragons (fire, this time) since she hasn't been on that one...only ice. She loved it.

Right now it's storming, so the pool is out of the question...and I also shouldn't be on here long.

Hmm...what else?....Dan won me a Puss in Boots plush toy....hmm, and I got this...light up...thing. I dunno what it's called.

God, I miss Mike. I thought about him all today. And after reading his entry I know he's having a shitty day. I hope it's gotten better by now. Cheer up hun, I still love you, *kiss*. And Sunday isn't that far away anymore. I can't wait to see you!

Well, I'm hungry and tired so I'm going to end this here and call Mike in a bit. Until then all, bye byes.
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