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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2004 at 12:27am
Current mood: sad
Subject: God Dammit
Well, just got back from the veterinarian and the news does not look good. Pepper's throat has been swollen for a couple days now and hasnt gone down all that much with the medicine. We took her back today and Dr Burns suugested that she might have lymphoma. Which is a form of cancer by the way. She said we should go to this vet down in miami to get a biopsy to see what it actually is for sure. I hope she is wrong for once.

God Dammit! I am going away to college and now my dog is dying. I feel sick to my stomach. I really hope its not cancer. Please dont be cancer. I was looking it up eariler, about what it was like and the treatment. Even with chemotherapy the most logical success rate is about 2 months of quality life. My dad would never pay for all that treatment. I'll be lucky is he lets me drive her down to Miami. I hate him.

Grrr! Why do these things have to happen? Why cant just one of my animals die of regualr old age, peacefully in their sleep. Every single pet that I have had has had to be put to sleep because of some illness. God just hates me.

*Sigh* On a brighter note, I think I am going to Gainesville with Dr Burns for like 2 days next week. She asked me to go with her. Sounds like fun. She is first going to Melbourne to check on these puppies, I think they are hers, little french mastiffs! I love those dogs. Then we are going to Gainesville to pick up some sperm. Yes, sperm. Lol. Amber, her dog, is in heat and we are taking her up there to be inseminated. She breeds them. I think she is also bringing Sampson. Oh this should be fun, me Dr Burns and two large French Mastiffs, one in heat. Lol Makes for an interesting ride.

Then I get to go to Gainesville again the following week! Yay! I am going up with Jessica to visit Hillary. That should be fun. I dont know exactly how long we are staying though. I have to call Hill and make the plans. But I am pretty sure that we are going on the 9th. I think we will come home on the following tuesday or wednesday.

Ooh, and this morning I actually woke up at 9:30am and went bike riding. I am so proud of myself. I only went once around lake chareston today, since my knees started to pop and ache. I think I will try 2 times tomorrow. It took me about 1/2 hr to do. Yay this is so exciting, I actually did something active. Funny thing though, I wouldnt even be awake now, normally! hehe

Better go, I am hungry. If you pray to something or someone, please include my dog in those prayers...
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