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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2004 at 3:44pm
Music: Antiflag
Subject: Young hate
I was going through some old things of mine, and I found a little story I wrote about my 4th grade teacher, because I didn't like her. I thought I'd share. Beware, I'm going to copy it as is, leaving all my spelling errors in:

This is A story of Mrs. Johnson.

One really hot day in the middal of summer Mrs. Johnson was teaching the class. I was bord. I found some machis under my chair. So the next day I lit the machis and put them in Mrs. Johnsons chair. When she sat down that day she burned her butt. She flew all the way to Alaska and fros to death.

The End

I was such a sweet 4th grader.
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