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JustAnotherFace (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2004 at 10:25pm
Current mood: ditzy
LOL....I'm sitting here right not really doing all much of anything and then like I started thinking about people. And how they act because they want to be 'cool' or they think it will look good. They want to do something because they think that it looks 'goth' or 'hardcore' thats pathetic. Oh hey if I do this and then this...people will look at me and say something like oh god, or it gives me the right to say that im goth. God that pisses me off. Not the fact that theyre goth or whatever but because thats what they pride themselves on. Esspecially when they arent very good at being what they say they are. Don't they realize that its all a fad. And that just because you shop at Hot Topic doesn't make you any better or more hardcore than anything else. Infact did you know that Hot Topic is owned by Abercromie and Finch. Isn't that funny. The preps are catering to the posers. LOL its great. "look at me I'm going to do this with my hair and this with my face and makeup and then put on a black mini skirt and tight tank top and hehe looky arent i cool or tight" God its such bullshit. Or how people don't think that there parents care about them. They care....maybe not in the way you want them to but they do. They care alot. I wish they would see. Just because they wont buy you a care or dont understand whats going on in your life or dont want you to drugs and change your out look on life and not be all "whoa is me" all the time doesnt mean that they dont care. It means that they dont want to spoil you, or your not getting your way....I have to something to say to you GET OVER IT
I mean really. Okay yeah you do have your parents who really are bitches....I understand that like Ashley Ms mommy...*sorry ashley* but as for other people come on. Or how about people who base their lives around what someone else says. Oh hey she said this so lets do that to. My god, will people please get over the whole teenage angst thing....if your going to kill yourself please do it and get it over with because the world is tired of your bitching. Honestly. It will be good for everybody PATHETIC!!!!! And if someone is so clingy that its amusing don't you think (the person that is instigating it) say something. Don't you think that something should be done about that ya know. but nooo people just sit there and let it all slide. dragging people along on string. Like a three year old that just caught a fish. They drag it every where. STUPID, LAME, YOUR NOT GODS GIFT TO EARTH GET OVER IT....AND NOT EVERY GUY YOU TALK TO LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!! lol okay im done see that was all in like 5 seconds of thinking. scary huh. hmm....well i have to go take a shower cuz im going up north to help nicole clean and shit. so this will be fun oh oh oh and another thing I cant stand flacky people, if you say your going to do something do it. Please cuz if your not then dont say your going to do it in the first place it makes you look like a bitch, asshole, snobby.... and everyother possible thing out there. okay now im done thanks loves you bibi
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